If you’re Here, It Probably Feels a bit Like You’re On a Rollercoaster…

Pregnancy, birth, welcoming a newborn… it is a wild journey. There are so many decisions, so many new things, and choices and lots of judgements at every turn.

They say “it takes a village” for a reason. You aren’t meant to have to do it on your own. A postpartum doula crosses the bridge between postpartum recovery expert, baby whisperer, newborn care specialist, night nanny, lactation counselor and really good friend to be your steadfast support for all things baby. Doulas of Philadelphia Team Members are experts in the first year of parenting.

We’d be honored to be part of your journey.


Postpartum Doulas

Babies can be mysterious, and a postpartum doula is your translator, guide, and cheerleader. Our team offers daytime care and overnights.

sleeping baby

Sleep Coaching

If you’re through the first whirlwind months but still not sleeping, we can help. Our approach wraps families in support for the fastest and easiest transition.


Being first-time parents we had a lot of learning to do. Our doula helped us get through the challenging first weeks and even get some sleep. We would have struggled without her help. She was awesome!
— Carly O.