If you’re Here, It Probably Feels a bit Like You’re On a Rollercoaster…

Pregnancy, birth, welcoming a newborn… its is a wild journey. There are so many decisions, so many new things, and choices and lots of judgements at every turn. First there’s birth. Then breastfeeding. Then no sleep. Then parenthood for, well, forever!

It is a lot of navigate but, you know, you could get by without a doula. People have babies and figure things out by themselves everyday on their own. You’re a smart and capable person and most people do just fine without us.

But, You Don’t Have To Do it Alone.

Doulas are for people who want to do more than get by on the skin of their teeth. Who don’t want to have to wonder alone if they’re really in labor. Who want to know what the smart questions to ask their doctors. Who want to feel more calm and relaxed in their first weeks with their babies, to pass that feeling on to them. People who know that they deserve support.

While our culture says that birth is something to “get through” and having a newborn is something to “survive”, doulas believe it be more than that. This time in your life is important. It can set the tone and the feeling for many years of parenting to come.

So, What if you felt confident, cared for and nourished?

What if birth really could sometimes be beautiful?

What if you had a baby whisperer on your speed dial?

What if you could actually sleep with a newborn?

What if you could let go of seeking to feel perfect and start to feel proud of yourself as a parent?

We Are Here To help you be Your Best. For Yourself and Your Baby.

Birth Doulas

Mom and new baby

A doula brings expertise and comfort to the birth room. Our doula teams are knowledgable about every kind of birth including unmedicated labor, induced labor, labor with an epidural, VBAC, and cesarean birth.

Postpartum Doulas

dad and new baby

Babies can be mysterious, and a postpartum doula is your translator, guide, and cheerleader. Whether you need one night of sleep or extended care, we're here for you.


Being first-time parents we had a lot of learning to do. Our doula helped us get through the challenging first weeks and even get some sleep. We would have struggled without her help. She was awesome!
— Carly O.